About Your Innkeepers

Judy, an accomplished cook, and Graeme, a darn-good dishwasher, are thrilled to invite all to enjoy the warmth and culinary delights of Little Traverse Inn. Graeme and Judy along with their teenage daughters, Chelsea and Gemma, will no doubt entertain all with a song or two whether you stay for dinner or for a while.

Judy and Graeme have long dreamed of bringing the best of Graeme’s homeland to the Leelanau peninsula. By putting the needs of their guests first at Little Traverse Inn, they will bring to you quality food, great beer, fine wines and spirits, and warm hospitality; all served up with good cheer in unpretentious yet warm surroundings.

Graeme grew up in the UK and Ireland spending his formative years developing a taste for the traditional flavors of the “Old Country” which have been recreated with a unique twist both in our Gastro Pub and Bed & Breakfast.

Judy, a true Michigander, was raised on the family farm, where she developed her incredible work ethic, as she toiled in the fields with her dad and in the kitchen with her Mom.

As fortune would have it Graeme met Judy, then a dental hygienist, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, some 20+ years ago, whilst he was on an 18-month contract with a European Textile supplier to the furniture industry.

Having spent the last 20 blissful years together being “traditional”, the couple has now followed their long-time dream and are excited to now own and run The Little Traverse Inn. Both are eager to welcome their guests to share their favorite foods, finest drinks, inviting rooms and gift of hospitality.

Judy, an accomplished cook, along with Graeme, a good dish washer and story weaver, are thrilled to invite you to their Inn, to enjoy the warmth of the rooms, and culinary delights from the kitchen.

Graeme and Judy share the daily duties with their teenage daughters, Chelsea and Gemma, who will no doubt entertain all with a song or 2 when they are not making sure you have everything you need for an amazing visit.

Call today to join the Leask family at Little Traverse Inn.
Phone: 231-228-2560
149 E. Harbor Hwy. Maple City, MI 49664