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Michigan Civil Beer War

Next Battle

Stormcloud v Atwater MCBW

Stormcloud and Atwater will be battling in Pale Ales, Porters, IPAs and Imperial Stouts. Yummy

2016/2017 Bracket

2016 Beer War Bracket

Battle 1 Right Brain v Mitten

Congratulations Mitten Brewing. Victors of Battle 1. The Final online apotheek zithromax results were

Cream Ales :  RB Cake Walk 51% v 49% MB Stretch

Amber Ales: RB Chubby Squirrel 54% v 46% MB West Coast Swing

Pale Ales : Mitten Pale 76% v 24% RB Willpower

IPAs : MB Country Strong  61% v 39% RB Dead Kettle

Total Vote : Mitten 54% v 46% Right Brain

Mitten will advance to face Lake Ann in the Quarter Final on Jan 21 thru 24, 2017

Battle 2 Lake Ann v Perrin

Congratulations to Lake Ann Brewing. Victors of Battle 2. The Final results were:

Blonde Ales – Lake Ann Village Blonde 54% v 46% Perrin Gold
Black A&S – Lake Ann Doc Shilidays 54% v 46% Perrin Black
Session IPA – Lake Ann Jungle Fungus 62% v 38% Perrin No Problems
IPAs – Perrin 98 Problems 54% v 46% Lake Ann Cordwood Savage

Total Vote : Lake Ann 54% v 46% Perrin

Lake Ann will advance to face Mitten Brewing in the Quarter Final on Jan 21 thru 24, 2017.